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Who survives as the fittest: the analogue or the digital twin?


„Is Digital Transformation only a clever marketing slogan of consultancies to generate revenue as they have neither changed their consulting nor their delivery portfolio? They are selling and delivering what they have sold and delivered so far. The PPT layout is more modern, the buzzwords have changed and certainly it covers also the new and latest technologies. But overall: They do what they have done before.”

Why is Digitalization so popular? Why is Digital Transformation so important? And what is the link to Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer?


The world is changing! We are not changing but we are changed. This is the difference!

Linguistically this is passive instead of active. We as humans have been in the driver’s seat and actively managed further development and advancement:

We have invented, created, developed. We have used our skills and capabilities. We have learnt, have developed ourselves and were trained. We have enabled our day-to-day life to become easier.

We have newly-created machines, technologies, materials, methodologies. We have done it for ages and we have done it with passion. We have caused pain, fear, war. We have caused joy, pleasure, peace.

What is it that is changing us? What is it that pushes us from being active to passive? Have we started something recently or in the past which we are not aware of? From my personal point of view, we have not initiated anything. It was already there. We have just accelerated it: The evolution.

Nowadays our consciousness experiences this evolution. Sometimes it is foggy, unrealistic, irritating, far away. Sometimes it is tangible, logical, realistic, fantastic. We undergo it in all areas of our life with different geographical intensity: systems nearly collapse or at least are under pressure whether it be politics, economics, cultures, religions or the environment.

We are living today in two worlds. There is our world within which we are quite familiar. And there is the data based, digital world. These worlds are already connected, but not merged. However, we feel that the merger is underway. Our analogue life starts merging with the digital life. I call it “the connected reality” because in our analogue life everything is getting connected to everything and this connectivity generates a parallel universe. A world with its own rules and regulations.

We invented, created, developed. We used our skills and capabilities. We learnt, developed ourselves and were trained.We filled the analogue life. We did it with passion.

This digital life has been emerging for some time. The fog vanishes. The “digital” is getting tangible. We have demonstrably analogue footprints in the digital world; and vice versa. And this parallelism causes irritation, fears, worries and concerns. On the other hand it makes our day-to-day life easier and more comfortable.

We are inexperienced with this digital life and how to act, interact and react. We do not know the best practices and are even less adept to it. This ignorance starts already with our children’s education. We are not able to consult our children straightforwardly even if we want to and we think so. But: Some of us are already more experienced within „digital“ and we have eagerly clustered generations into x, y and z reflecting their digital maturity level.

The digital twin is born

Digital” implies technology. When I think back to the 80’s I remember the first Personal Computers. This was amazing. The big brands at that time were focused on the business context and its advantages. But in parallel the gaming sector launched and made it way into the living room and nursery.

Nowadays mobile devices are omnipresent and by using social media we started to leave our mark on the digital world. We fed personal data in by maintaining our social media profiles, by shopping online. Different businesses have realized the benefits of data. Data became valuable and more and more personal information was digitized and became generously available, such as health data, geographical and movement data, opinions and views as well as knowledge and experiences. We created our own digital twin. We exist in a second world: The digital world.

These days we talk about artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, blockchain technology, virtual and augmented reality, platform based services. We can also see immense progress within the health sector. Technology, digitized information and the human being are loosely connected. How long will it take until these merge?

From a technological perspective we are able to think everything, to invent everything and to create everything. The evidence is there. We develop technology with passion.

The jigsaw „Digital Transformation“

The change is underway. As humans we have the necessity to describe, name or title what we experience, see, hear, think or feel. The ongoing change we labelled „Digital Transformation“. Digital Transformation is more than digitization or digitalization. Digital Transformation is the roadmap based on trial-and-error, fail-fast and agility to turn from uncertainty to certainty, to get familiar with the digital life and to create additional benefits for us. Digital Transformation is a curriculum, perhaps like a jigsaw.

This jigsaw is still incomplete. It seems like the frame is already complete. Some of the other pieces already fit together but the overall picture is not visible. The missing or not yet fitting pieces are these ones that refer to our values, our society, our ethics, our culture but also to our environment. And our human personality is not yet considered.

  • Digital Transformation is about leading us into the merged reality where all pieces fit together.
  • Digital Transformation must give us guidance and orientation to anticipate, to accept and to embrace this development.
  • Digital Transformation has to push us from reaction back to passionate action.
  • Digital Transformation has to lead to certainty on a broader scale.

What does it mean for enterprises and corporations?

As mentioned at the beginning not only consultancies but also corporations are continuing doing what they have done before. Corporations are still focused on their business model, their revenue and profit. The real awareness for this essential transformation is either not present nor understood.

An agile mind set, openness, a new and different kind of working should be pinned right at the beginning of education nevertheless enterprises have to step in and to take responsibility. It is important to stir the workforce regarding digital experience This enables in-house education across generations.

Due to the immense opportunities of the latest IT, I started to think about the future of HR. I realized that besides digitalization also other Megatrends such as  urbanization or demographic change should also be considered in a modern employee centric HR organization.

The result of all my thinking, reading and discussion is my CORE model. This model describes that we have to rethink business management fundamentally.

One key finding is that this „Digital Transformation“ cannot be half hearted attempted.

It will not work by setting up another project that is driven by external consultants. This transformation needs to be given top priority and starts with motivating and focusing the management team.

Therefore intrinsically motivated, creative, forward-looking, open minded, out of the box thinking and passionate role models are essential to push us back from reaction to creation.

In addition I realized that this should be a joint effort from HR and IT. HR as well as IT have the once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent and to reposition themselves, to shift from administration to creation. They are the change agent within the organization.